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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Baap of all Blogs...

Mr. Bachchan's recently famous attempt at blogging has put my writing credibility to shame. 52 blogs since April and still growing!!! Initially I thought his blog was fabricated , part of another P.R gimmick. The writing was too profound and meticulous to be written by a man with so busy a schedule...but then my doubts evaporated, as his son remarked his father's disciplinary nature and commitment towards work!! His writing then came across as a means of connecting to million of fans out there. But bloggers would agree to the addiction of this little sport we all indulge in. It becomes a need after a point of time, I find myself waking in the middle of the night just be put up a post!!
Also, his blogs are being compiled into a book!! Now that's collector's item, His very private life finally gets the due public exposure thanks to his blogs, With comments going upto a 100+ per-day who wouldn't want to be consistent with blogging...
All I can say is thanks Mr. Bachchan for raising the bar for writers.


The crowds filter the roads as red lights pause
The vehicles to a screeching halt.
The bus roars releasing that fume
Which apparently adds to global warming.
The auto next to you pulls up the gear and
Gets ready for the light to turn green,
A little girl with a much noisy toy
Knocks on your window, she
Bargains for the price
Reducing it a self-degrading amount,
Which might buy her the night’s meal.
Horns blare as lights turn green,
You wonder what the rush is ?
Ignition burns, vehicles start,
And the movement moves on the road that never ends.
People rushing home,
People moving away from home,
On the roads your common companions,
Struck with the same fate as yours,
So why can’t we then be more polite
Why can’t we then pass b y a smile?
Shake off the anger, take pleasure in pursuit
And chart the untreaded path.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"The Happening"...Will it Happen??

Yes it's the latest flick from Mr. Night Shyamalal's kitty, the guy is back to spook you, but this time around it's a warning...the movie covered with a evident layer of "save your planet" warnings, portrays a bizarre account of "organic" attack, which evidently is killing people in North-East Coast of America. Apart from the director's warning message, I would give you a warning too, the movie is full of disturbing dead bodies lying about on roads. People just die in the movie, for obvious reasons off-course, it's something scientific. There is an imbalance between the beings and the plants and they are on a spree of exuding some toxic chemicals that instigate in those affected a strong urge to kill themselves, spontaneously.
Mark Walbherg, the destined hero, survives out of his many membered team, his wife apparently cheating on him, confesses to her husband the truth in case they all were to die. The catastrophic event does leave many survivors. But the logic remains as one of nature's mysteries that no-one can unearth.
As to the probability of such an event occurring in real life cannot be doubted, Obviously on not that big a scale, but the man-nature equation once affected can reap harmful consequences. The movie even portrays the much speculated chemical attack that seems to be the next terrorist threat. The event is initially believed to be an act of terrorism, but it's later given off to the plants. It's a freaky movie, the director does manage to scare his audience at one point or another.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inter-View You!!!

Interview-A formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult, or evaluate another person: a job interview.
Question,consult, evaluate...that's exactly what happened with me today at a job interview for a magazine. First things first you have to know who you are talking to and what you are all about, I always looked at interviews as a way of testing your marketing how well can you "market" yourself. Oh now that should be easy, highlight all your credits and be concise about them. But an interview is not an interview till you are grilled, baked, deep fried and over-cooked to the extent of tasting pungent.
So my solemn interviewer decided to do the same, a lot of smirks were passed through the session as I wasn't able to catch the tone of his questions many times. "So what does sprawling mean", he I know what it means..I ventured to find some 5 meanings, well enough knowing what the word means but unable to articulate it well...Then I started to employ my marketing skills I told my interviewer about my recent attempt at reporting an article on blind students in North Campus, feeling this would win me his accolades, his first question surprisingly said " are you blind?? then how can you report what it is to be blind?? I did argue forth my point, not knowing if it impressed the person concerned.
I guess it's just a trick, all the not so straight but twisted questions, just to test how well you can handle a not so straight situation. They know what attributes you have, your resume might speak of your good grades, so they try and play around and dig deep into how and what you are all about.
Not that I have given too many interview but all I have gathered is that be yourself, answer back and if you don't know something, ask than just sitting and fidgeting in your chair.
I don't know if I'll get the job, but every interview i take further prepares me to handle them well in the near future.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Curly Curly: The Agony and the Ecstacy!!

I’ve been sporting the curly look for a while now and believe me nothing causes more speculation or controversy than my very curly hair left open for public display.
It’s not like I’ve had curly hair all my life, they were straight, then wavy and then I tried to straighten them more and they just got fed up of my constant intervention and decided to go curly! I talk like my hair live in the world of their own, but honestly they do!.
I have a constant love hate relationship with them; I enjoy them occasionally but do get lured by the perfect straight hair look.
What surprises me most is the way people see my hair…my mom dad don’t exactly love me for my hair…my dad evidently hates them…my friends on the other hand drool after them . I once had a girl in my class who during a whole period stuck a pencil in my hair and fiddled with them. I know what it sounds like, but her intention was purely harmless. Then another girl with coveted straight hair, landed up with permed look telling me how it was me who inspired her to go curly. Now that was a compliment. I once had two kids pass me by and scream Maggie Maggie. So my hair does get me all the attention and I actually enjoy it. It annoys me when people actually come close to touch them and see if they are for real and not chemically produced. Boys throw paper balls and try and locate it. The other day my uncle remarked that if I wanted to be a journalist aka reporter how they’d tell me to get rid of my Amazonian like thick curls, but I just laughed.
The fact being, I know I spend endless hours combing them out, finish 2 bottles a month conditioning them, steal breakfast eggs for external application, oil them abundantly. But I love the individualistic look they give me. Yes my hair is contrary any shampoo add, but it’s me and that’s all I’ve got to cover my head. With all the rebondings going on around me, it’s hard to stick to my gut, but seeing everyone run for cover with straight hair, hinders me from entering the straight realm. So all you out there, with beautiful curly hair flaunt them. As I read somewhere curly hair need the kind of care, winter clothes do, so just add that extra bit of caution and you can actually stand out and cultivate a whole different look.

Famous celebs and their curls:
· Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker, for SATC.
· Kangana Ranaut, sporting the devil’s curls and adding spunk to her style.
· Indrani Dasgupta, mostly straightened, but when curled they give her a quintessential feminine look.


Sex and the City

Ten reasons why every 20 /30/40 something woman must watch Sex and the City:

· The girl gang will make u realize the importance of sticking to your girlfriends no mater how many men come and go!
· The girl gang will give u a million reasons on how you can be single n fabulous.
· The girl gang will give you another million ways on how you can get that hottie without trying too hard.
· It’ll make you realize the importance of good sex, sometimes an over doze of it, sometimes the paucity of it but most importantly of a sexual liberation for women much much due.
· It believes in the old age saying “Girls Just wanna have fun”.
· The show can replace your stylist and give you some fabulous fashion tips. Even make you a shoe-a-holic
· The show manages to come so close to reality you’ll see yourself mouthing the same dialogues.
· The show is a STRESS-BUSTER...comic, dramatic and sexy!!
· It will tell you to stick to your guts, be yourself and have all the fun.
· Watch out for New York, the best portrayal of the Big Apple, you’ll ever see.
I can go on with this list, because for the past one n a half years I’ve watched this show religiously. I haven’t exactly dated, but enjoyed my single life much much more. Sex and the City is not just a show, it’s a reflection of every woman’s life

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nayi Dilli

I charted out today on a path I had not treaded on, since a couple of months. Seemed like, my two week hibernation period had transformed Delhi roads to the point of being unrecognizable. The population of trees had dwindled, while that of metal and steel on the other hand had promulgated. BRT’s stood like dead effigies representing a governments’ miserably failed attempt and uncanny planning. Metro construction reaping the ill remarks of many estranged travellers stood on the ground of a promising future. Amid the “progressive” scene, traffic ceased to progress at any rate. The scorching sun heightened the tension and I was glad not to be in the driver’s seat. My father started his favourite conversation initiated by pre-historic memories of the city and present day chaos. “You know” retorted my father, “there was once a time when this entire stretch of land was covered by heavy plantation, it was unsafe to walk by one’s self even in broad-daylight. Foxes and jackals howled at night reminding everyone of one’s fatal proximity to nature. Look at all this mess now, all the bloody government”. I listened patiently for the nth time, my imagination failed to go back to his time. I could not succeed at framing a picture of Delhi in his words. To me this was the reality with me as a part of it. But as of now we were part of the traffic, moving at snails’ speed, growling like jackals, reaching out for the past, wishing for a better future.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Republic Day Parade...Go watch it at India Gate...

Having lived for almost 21 years in Delhi, 26th January was always the extra holiday I got, the day I had the privilege of sleeping till 10:00 am…since post was the time I would get up to catch a glimpse of the Republic Day parade on National TV aka DD and then run out to witness the balloons which due to the proximity of my house to India gate circumvented the area, causing the entire neighbourhood to gather around and gawk at those gaseous tri-coloured balls . Spectacular…this was occasionally accompanied by Aloo Paranthas.
I took it this time on myself to go and watch the Republic Day parade along with a few friends. Bani’s dad being in the army provided us girls with the passes and the vehicle for the parade. Strict orders followed as we were told to be ready by 6 a.m, 4 hours before my regular 26th Jan wake up time. I was dam excited, sharing it with whoever I met, it seemed like a cool thing to do post R.D.B and yes at the end of it all it was quite a cool thing to do.
We left by 6.30 am, finding most of the C.P roads jammed we ventured forth on foot, accompanied by hoards of crowds all partaking in the national celebration. We managed to get seats… (thankfully), although our view was constantly obstructed by the rows of seats in front of us. We were welcomed by the most perfect dispersal of rose petals, showered over our heads by a helicopter…true Indian hospitality. The next one and a half hour we spent in viewing the fabulous display of India’s armed, naval and air strength…which revived in us a feeling of nationalism which over the years subsides. (A marvellous display of tankers, Agni missile, fighter jets). All of this was followed by fancy displays by school children from all over India…the sun and the landscape on a fine winter morning helped us relish the event all the more…
The tableau's then entered the scene, beautifully decorated, showcasing creativity and spirit of each of the 23 states. The ending was most memorable, as fighter jets vroomed over our heads leaving tri-coloured shades in the sky…they came back to showcase some more air antics, to which we all gasped.
Then the balloons were released and I do not exaggerate when I say that the whole sky I mean the whole of India gate and beyond was full of those balloons, some million balloons filled the sky blocking any view of the clear skies above. It’s a sight like no other and the most memorable end to a much sought after event.
Well, I would certainly recommend all Indians to go and witness the event as it takes place in front of your eyes. You will come home not only with a visual delight but also a sense of heightened nationalism