Stories From A Yellow Room

Monday, May 26, 2008

Watching the Match go Live....

It is now that I have figured out a bit of a trivia…all the cheering u hear at cricket matches which makes u wonder how enthusiastic the crowd can get…well let me tell you one thing, the cheering is not carried out to cheer the teams. Instead, it is the equally enthusiastic crowd, vying for space so they can peacefully watch the match.
My own enthralling experience at the IPL match recently led me to believe that watching a match live can be quite a tedious task as half your energy and overs go in fighting for the much coveted view of the game…it’s like a chain reaction that propagates in the entire stadium one row springs up causing the other to rise up, which leads to a furore of rising spectators who in the spirit of the game spring up making good use of their chairs, standing on them, jumping and in times of dire straits even using them as a tool of threat.
As we entered all charged up, finding the lower level packed we moved on the upper level…the crowds poured in multiplying the echoes of cheers…(I mean cheers for the teams)…but once the match started there went the chain reaction…soon “delhi jeetegi” slogans were replaced by “baith jao”..." please sit down"…gangs were formed not for supporting the teams but rather of "those who could see" (aka those who were standing) n "those who couldn’t see" causing them to resort to utilize their chairs for standing up.
Little fights soon sprouted as men bashed one another…all I guess in the spirit of the game…the “tu-tu mein mein” seemed futile since back benchers couldn’t see due to the rows of standing men in front of them…some very obstinate men refused to move out causing the subsequent chaos…well it was fun, the standing on the chair…the missing of that sixer cause the man in front of you was too tall…all the part of watchin the match in the general pavilion, but yes there were a few good men who took things in good stride got their comic nerves working. Tension soon eased out, so did the crowd as everyone supposedly tired decided to sit, allowing us back benchers to get a decent view
The event was worth all the effort since amidst all the chaos and confusion was the heart stopping tempo of the game which subsided only with winning 4 on the last ball.