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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Curly Curly: The Agony and the Ecstacy!!

I’ve been sporting the curly look for a while now and believe me nothing causes more speculation or controversy than my very curly hair left open for public display.
It’s not like I’ve had curly hair all my life, they were straight, then wavy and then I tried to straighten them more and they just got fed up of my constant intervention and decided to go curly! I talk like my hair live in the world of their own, but honestly they do!.
I have a constant love hate relationship with them; I enjoy them occasionally but do get lured by the perfect straight hair look.
What surprises me most is the way people see my hair…my mom dad don’t exactly love me for my hair…my dad evidently hates them…my friends on the other hand drool after them . I once had a girl in my class who during a whole period stuck a pencil in my hair and fiddled with them. I know what it sounds like, but her intention was purely harmless. Then another girl with coveted straight hair, landed up with permed look telling me how it was me who inspired her to go curly. Now that was a compliment. I once had two kids pass me by and scream Maggie Maggie. So my hair does get me all the attention and I actually enjoy it. It annoys me when people actually come close to touch them and see if they are for real and not chemically produced. Boys throw paper balls and try and locate it. The other day my uncle remarked that if I wanted to be a journalist aka reporter how they’d tell me to get rid of my Amazonian like thick curls, but I just laughed.
The fact being, I know I spend endless hours combing them out, finish 2 bottles a month conditioning them, steal breakfast eggs for external application, oil them abundantly. But I love the individualistic look they give me. Yes my hair is contrary any shampoo add, but it’s me and that’s all I’ve got to cover my head. With all the rebondings going on around me, it’s hard to stick to my gut, but seeing everyone run for cover with straight hair, hinders me from entering the straight realm. So all you out there, with beautiful curly hair flaunt them. As I read somewhere curly hair need the kind of care, winter clothes do, so just add that extra bit of caution and you can actually stand out and cultivate a whole different look.

Famous celebs and their curls:
· Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker, for SATC.
· Kangana Ranaut, sporting the devil’s curls and adding spunk to her style.
· Indrani Dasgupta, mostly straightened, but when curled they give her a quintessential feminine look.



pooja said...

A very honest account. I could almost feel the agony and pleasure of curly locks.

Killin Time said...

iev seen u with n without curls.. trust me.. much better with curls.