Stories From A Yellow Room

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A weekf rom Now!!

A week left, with triple the excitement , double the jobs and ten times the work load, we girls all feel like Erin Brokowich...Running the length and breadth of the entire city, making ends meet, dealing with stubborn printers, our dear volunteers and our even more precious sponsors and partners life is consumed by Happy Hands. As I type this, the web-site design is being discussed on the phone...The posters are all over the city, radio spots have been filled...Invites in the form of bookmarks are neatly stocked in shoe-boxes that block my room....

As we 2o something girls make this happen it takes us on a high, the thrill of having got so far and almost there is blissful!...

More than the effort it’s the cause we stand for. The artists we meet who all indulge truly with us to make this happen, who travel from far ends and deliver goods on times. Meeting at Mc-donalds, with a carton full of puppets and sipping ice-tea as we discuss the size of each puppet. Going to store-houses, stocking and pricing and tagging are things all new and fresh to us.

Social Entrepreneurship as we love to call our activity, is the need of the hour. As the world waits on change to take place we make it happen.

Tapping in on high energy levels and this irreplaceable optimistic belief, is how we at Happy Hands are making it work!!