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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sex and the City

Ten reasons why every 20 /30/40 something woman must watch Sex and the City:

· The girl gang will make u realize the importance of sticking to your girlfriends no mater how many men come and go!
· The girl gang will give u a million reasons on how you can be single n fabulous.
· The girl gang will give you another million ways on how you can get that hottie without trying too hard.
· It’ll make you realize the importance of good sex, sometimes an over doze of it, sometimes the paucity of it but most importantly of a sexual liberation for women much much due.
· It believes in the old age saying “Girls Just wanna have fun”.
· The show can replace your stylist and give you some fabulous fashion tips. Even make you a shoe-a-holic
· The show manages to come so close to reality you’ll see yourself mouthing the same dialogues.
· The show is a STRESS-BUSTER...comic, dramatic and sexy!!
· It will tell you to stick to your guts, be yourself and have all the fun.
· Watch out for New York, the best portrayal of the Big Apple, you’ll ever see.
I can go on with this list, because for the past one n a half years I’ve watched this show religiously. I haven’t exactly dated, but enjoyed my single life much much more. Sex and the City is not just a show, it’s a reflection of every woman’s life

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pooja said...

I can bet on each of the reasons written here. Way to go girl!