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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Baap of all Blogs...

Mr. Bachchan's recently famous attempt at blogging has put my writing credibility to shame. 52 blogs since April and still growing!!! Initially I thought his blog was fabricated , part of another P.R gimmick. The writing was too profound and meticulous to be written by a man with so busy a schedule...but then my doubts evaporated, as his son remarked his father's disciplinary nature and commitment towards work!! His writing then came across as a means of connecting to million of fans out there. But bloggers would agree to the addiction of this little sport we all indulge in. It becomes a need after a point of time, I find myself waking in the middle of the night just be put up a post!!
Also, his blogs are being compiled into a book!! Now that's collector's item, His very private life finally gets the due public exposure thanks to his blogs, With comments going upto a 100+ per-day who wouldn't want to be consistent with blogging...
All I can say is thanks Mr. Bachchan for raising the bar for writers.

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