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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

That time of the year-Reloaded..

I sit in my room…the echo of the clock fills the room, reminding me of the endless hours of studies done n still left….I have have 14 exams to take in a month…sigh…something I’ve never ever done before nor will do…I have taken it upon myself to do 2 courses this year n as luck had it my exams clashed…one after the other…2 in a day…in humble profusion!!!
To add to this wonderful month long festivity was a wedding in the family right before my exams started…as luck would again have it. It was a wedding I could not miss…owing to he latest trend of dancing in weddings I too was part of the large show put up by my cousin’s wedding…now dancing required hours of practice let me remind u that too right before my exam…It sounds bad as I write it down…but I know once this month is over I’l look back n see it as one dam task I cracked…the impossible mission I accomplished…so I wait patiently…sooth myself n tell myself it’ll pass through…with 13 more exams to go…my optimism does dwindle but I gotta hold on…I gotta knock em DOWN!!!!!

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