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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two- 2 Times...

I lost 2 phones!! In about 2 weeks!! Right before my 21st birthday…my rigorous efforts at proving my self responsible enough were all smothered as I accomplished the impossible feat of loosing 2 phones in 2 weeks…
On a fine Friday morning…on my way to college..a new Nokia n-72 accidentally slipped out of my pocket n into the auto…I got to class sat(slept) for 2 hours only to be awakened from the much sleepy lecture on finding my dear dearest phone missing!!! had happened in the past with other people…their phones went missing and then they would wander bout like mad fellows tracing their path on which they had walked hoping to find it on the road, I often mocked at them calling them fools for being so hopeful…but when grief stricken I did the same too…yes after 2 hours of having lost my phone I went back on the forbidden track to trace it…but hopelessly, it was gone, gone for good…I felt lost and directionless with no phone to look up to.
I cried that day..alot of tears drained down my eyes…my parents consoled me…my friends sounded sympathetic but I was burdened with anguish n guilt…I wanted my phone back!!! I din't know how but I just did!!! I got a new phone that very evening which deemed me the spoilt; pampered child…ironically I never demanded it my parents wanted to simply buy me one in lieu of my coming birth day…having got the new phone n the smile restored…I still missed my old phone n secretly wished I would find it…
And then it happened…the bell rang…on my dad’s phone, at about 10 p.m…a distant shaken voice of a man screeched as he repeated the words “lost phone”…my dad called out to me was the auto guy…he discovered the phone after I left…came back to where I took the auto from waited for 3 hours n after not having spotted me, left.I was amazed so will u be, in a city like Delhi In times like today to find a lost phone is unbelievable…but it happened n there I was jumping with joy!!…the following morning, Mr honest auto guy personally came home to return my phone…I looked at it with child-like excitement knowing that I would have it back. Mr Auto guy who raised levels of honesty n goodwill for all of us was thanked repeatedly and praised for his good-deed. I still find him on the auto stand at times and I greet him with an overwhelming smile.
Similar series of events took place on another Friday morning as I again headed to college, this time around it was my mother's phone that slipped out, unfortunately it never came back. My parents were out of town and I knew it would not be consolation or sympathy this time around, I was right, it was quite an event my mother was shocked n angry n I was officially labelled as the girl who lost 2 phones.the irresponsible one at 21 ( my very favourite age)
That’s how my aunts and uncles would address me days after the incident.
I hadn’t wilfully dropped the phones, it happened, things happen people loose bigger things but there is always a lesson to learn.
Anyway it’s been a while now…many more Friday mornings have come and gone but miraculously I’ve managed to restore my precious little “friend”.

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