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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Then there was word…the word was spoken and soon followed man’s desire to write. I write this to celebrate all the writers who put thought to paper and all those readers who revel in the beauty of our writing…
“If the doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I’d type a little faster.”
Isaac Asimov
This is the spirit of a writer, the need of a writer, the soul of a writer.
I often read closely, works of famous writers and watch words change into actions produced out of an uncanny thought, bringing alive all that remains buried in that page. For Horace, a Roman scholar the purpose of writing was to teach and delight…centuries later we continue doing the same. The beauty of thought is best expressed in writing. Writing is therapeutic, leading to purgation of myriad thoughts that our mind is capable of producing. It’s not only subjective thoughts that one needs to vent out but sharing of information imparted through writing enhances communication.
In today’s world as time shrinks, words are shortened, language in dissected, meanings are converged, visual communication takes over, a fresh piece of holistic writing is much needed.
Thus there rests a great responsibility on the shoulder of a committed writer. As the great 20th century writer and philosopher, Albert Camus states “the purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself” this statement contrary to it’s brevity is weighty in thought, setting forth the responsibility and role of a writer and emphasizing a writers role as a sort of saviour, guardian of the society helping in preserving the truth.
Man’s freedom of expression has a long and turbulent history attached to it. Descending to some centuries back, when writing was the main effective tool to communicate and reach out to people. Revolutions and protests have borne witness to the importance of this act. Be it Elizabethan England where people protested against the church via means of blasphemous and controversial writings or our very own struggle for independence with eminent journalists like Gandhi, Annie Besant, and Bal Gangadhar Tilak who took to writing. All used a common medium of expression, of bringing about that much needed change, they wrote, they criticized, they awoke the sleeping consciousness of people and they succeeded.
Yet one’s freedom of expression has been vulnerable to external threats. There is always an opposing party that will make it difficult for a pro social writer to exist in its chaotic strata. Writers have been executed, out-casted, punished for their act of putting down what is to be hidden. I talk about an effective medium of writing, one that has rebelled against the authorities, against prevailing unjust social order, one that has been often smothered or oppressed and one that no matter what, will still continue to exist.
In our testing times such events continue to prevail. With the society preaching notions of individualism thereby granting an added liberty to one’s speech and expression, such a freedom becomes a hoax as Salman Rushdie gets a Fatwa or more recently Tasleema Nasreen becomes this iconic figure for all that is immoral and unjustified. These writers on their part take bold steps, they tread paths not ventured before, they lay open what since centuries has been forcefully imprisoned, they speak out, they write and they move the readers.That my dear readers, is the beauty of writing, the power of a pen, the ability to propagate thought.
Be it a poet who has divine power of interpreting life in his\her works, playwright who gives life to characters , fiction writer who creates the imaginary world where Harry Porter can fly on the magic broom, journalists, script writers, amateurs or anyone else who lives to write would find the act intrinsic.
I could go on endlessly about the sheer joy of writing but I remind myself that there will be a reader who might scorn my writing on writing. So I pause and stop writing.

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