Stories From A Yellow Room

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Purple haze
Red light daze.
Italian food…too cheesy?
Try govinda’s movies for a change.
Confused about the boy ?
Get along with another one for a while .
Prevent yourself from drowning ,
By staying on the surface .
Drown to get over the illusion of the surface !1
Work till u can’t breathe,
Work to block ur view
Give ur mind a window, to ur inner self .
Stand alone and pause !
Think the thought .
Walk the talk .
Stand still and move fast,
Immobility kills the cause.
Be the best u’l ever know..
Stick to ur guts
Eat an ic-cream, blow the candles on your cake
Learn how to make a movie.
Drag the queen out of her chair ,
Reign, reside, accomplish,
Surprise yourself!!!

1 comment:

Kavya said...

a pick-me-up poem with a difference. really nice!