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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kitty- Parties

The new bangle matches perfectly with the newly tailored outfit made keeping in mind the Jimmy Choos. The cook prepares some crab curry while the maids re-decorate the house, with an hour to go Kitty aunty gets ready for her monthly kitty party.
A fad left to us by the very garrulous mummies and grand mummies, kitty parties are soon turning from time pass fillers to vogue agendas. No more only for the idle house wives, it’s serious business now, men , kids, diapers, designers, beauty and other men soon replacing archaic recipes and dadi ma nuskhas, kitty parties aka, women’s monthly camaraderie’s are getting bigger and better.
After all the hard work they put in working, rearing children, dieting etc, women self-confessed chronic trivia seekers need to engage in innate feminine pursuits of exchanging information and flaunting the latest style. Thus the splendid display of food and fashion along with an array of gossip, kitty parties fit the ideal deal for woman-kind. Even taking care of a one’s thrift spending habits while working on the principle of your in need savings account.
Ask any woman in her thirties or forties and she wouldn’t be oblivious to the idea of such get togethers. With T.V shows following the theme, Kitty parties are becoming more than just get togethers and more of a social phenomenon. With themes now doing the rounds, they often revolve around popular or in vogue ideas. The latest being botox parties, bag parties, card parties etc many such interesting themes.
So weather you are 20 or 50, idle or busy, kitty parties are a great way to socialize, unwind, glamorise.

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