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Saturday, August 20, 2011

What’s kept Anna "Hazare-ism" going:

  1. This is everyone’s “revolution” moment. The crowd that is currently protesting is a motley mix of those who have seen a partial glimpse of the moment of independence (1947) + India-Pak war(1971) and are thus fuelled by a patriotic high. To the younger generation that has lived with second hand versions of revolutionary ideas, this is their “moment”, their first hand account (though a much peaceful one) of standing tall with a flag in their hand and protesting for a "cause".
  2. Let’s not forget Bollywood - the Rang De Basanti attitude coupled with the “Munna-bhai-ism” like calm and composition, definitely finds a reflection in the on-going protests. It is worth a mention that not even a single incident of unrest or violent upheavals has been seen across the country. What has been popular on the contrary is music and lots of it…walks, candles and victorious shouts.
  3. The leader himself, who has has every instinct the "aam-admi" (common-man) can relate to. His demeanor, his anguish over the state of things and a no-frills attached approach.
  4. Attribute the revolution mode to the ripples seen across Middle-East (Egypt, Libya) which went west-ward to London up till last week and then found way to India.
  5. Even if majority lot does not know how the Lok-pal bill will impact their lives, they are more than willing to be part of the “glory”. The so-called “struggle” against corruption against bureaucracy, against monopolistic alliances that need to be more transparent.
  6. The branding is just what a successful acts are made of…and “mein anna hun” t-shirts did exactly that. I still need to buy me one!!
  7. Youth mobilization, just the kind of crowd that will bunk college and go to Ram-Lila ground come hail or high-water. There must be 100 small groups of volunteers who are constantly finding ways and means to get people together; get venues organized; arrange food for the hungry and ensure shelter for the rainy days. It’s a domino effect and nothing seems to stop it.
  8. And let’s not forget the faithful social media propaganda that’s been instrumental in all the recent protests across the globe. Writers, non-writers, civilians, artists et all are pouring their thoughts out there strengthening the movement’s tempo.


Anonymous said...

8. The human trait of waiting for someone to stand up and lead others to demand what everyone wants but nobody wants to ask for.

9. Media coverage of the event. Let Anna Hazare fast in Muzzafarnagar and we will see how the movement will fizzle out.

11. Sachin Tendulkar missing his 100th ton again and again. The day he hits it, Anna will lose his lead story space!

Suneera said...

Point 11..taken!!